Rev Church SLC


The Missio Dei Building located at                                                          510 N 200 W in SLC

These 4 pillars are what we use to guide us as we make decisions:

  1. God is good all the time, therefore we will dream big.
  2. Nothing is impossible with God, therefore we will take risks.
  3. Everything was accomplished in the death and resurrection of Jesus, therefore we will trust God.
  4. Everyone is significant including me, therefore we will love and serve people well. 


7 Core Values-

Relationship- Pursuing deep relationships with God and Each other.

Encounter- Creating a safe space to encounter Jesus and be Changed. 

Prayer- Partnering with God and seeking His Truth, Wisdom and Revelation.

Power- Inviting the Kingdom of Heaven to invade Earth through signs, wonders and

                miracles by the power of the Holy Spirit. 

Love- Allowing the revelation of Jesus' love to transform us and teach us to love others. 

Expression- Valuing Individual expression of praise, faith, worship and life. 

Our City- Establishing a Kingdom culture for the transformation of this city by honoring    

                    and serving individuals, families and communities.


*At this time we do not have childcare available however children are welcome to join in.